Hello, my name is Guled. I created Somnibyte a startup that focuses on web technologies. Somnibyte is a haven, a brand name, and a portfolio in which my projects, innovations, and products dwell in. My startup is in its early stages, but the development of apps and games that I create is progressing every single day. My main priority is to create the most elegant widgets, apps that increase productivity, and the most helpful applications on the web. That is my mission. That is my goal — my passion.

  • SomniAlert

    A beautiful UIAlertView-like modal made with swift

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  • Devstash (Tap or Click Here to Learn More)

    Devstash is a community website in which developers can share their Github repositories, side-projects, or interesting news articles on the topic of Computer Science (Software Engineering or Computer Engineering are also accepted) they found online.

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  • Studious (Tap or Click to Learn More)

    Studious is an IOS application which allows students to organize their homework assignments and exams, as well as the ability to contact their professors via email. The app is seamless and easy to use. The app provides a dashboard in order to allow the user to see how many exams and assignments they must complete. The app also allows user to take quick notes. This project was conducted in order to familiarize myself with the swift programming language as well as the IOS environment. The project had enhanced my IOS skills greatly.

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  • Alter (Tap or Click Here to Learn More)

    Alter is a mobile application in which hosts a variety of unit conversions, more than the average lite/pro unit converters found on both the IOS and Android app store.

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  • Word Melee (Tap or Click Here to Learn More)

    Word Melee is an online multiplayer word web game. The game was created as an experiment that had risen due to my curiosity in web networking framework such as Node JS and Socket.io.

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  • Turret Strike (Tap or Click Here to Learn More)

    Turret Strike was created as project in order to familiarize myself with HTML5, specifically HTML5 gaming. The game is set on a laboratory in which robots try to escape from the lab. It's up to a sane, non-destructive robot to stop them from escaping. The game is incorporated with physics, custom-made animations, and game mechanics we are most familiarized with (health, power-ups, etc...).

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  • Robo Dash (Tap or Click Here to Learn More)

    Robo dash was the first HTML5 game that I had created. I was inspired by the hardest, discombobulated game ever to reach mobile devices- Flappy Bird. I was particularly interested in what made games addicting. And so I set decided to create an addicting game that was both challenging and fun.

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